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Firm Mattress in West Hills

The warm and dry summers in this region reach a maximum of 96 degrees in August at an average temperature. The atmosphere in the western hill is similar to the other western parts of the San Fernando valley, such as the Woodland Hills, a long-term weather station in Pearce College. According to the Köppen Climate Classification System, the eastern Mediterranean environment is in the West Hills, which is short on Csa's climate maps. 2010 According to the Census, according to Los Angeles Alamax, 38,814 people and 10,626 families lived in West Hills. Ethnic racial mix of this region is 96.04% white, 2.04% Asian, 0.05% Pacific Island, 1.11% African American, 0.36% Indigenous native, 2.80% other breeds and 1.82% of two or more tribes. 3.26% of the population is Spanish or Latin.

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