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Firm Mattress in Venice

The Kinney family quickly recreated their entertainment pier, competing in the Pickering Pleasure jacket in the ocean park and the new Pier Sunset. When he opened, he has his two roll wallpapers, the new Racing Derby, the Noah's Ark, Mill, and many other places. In 1925, the addition of the third co-chair, the hilltop coffins, the fun house and the flying circus oxidation, was the best entertainment entertainment on the west coast. Several hundred thousand tourists visited the weekend. In 1923, Charles Lick built on the Lighthouse street of Little Pierre Venice, next to the Ocianid Pope, on the ocean front. In 1925, another pier for Venice was planned in Leon Street (now Washington Street). To engage the public, Keene hired carriers who had to make airtickets on the beach. One of them, the operator and owner of BH DeLay, Venice Airport, created the first lighted airport in the United States at DeLay Field (formerly known as Ince Field). He also initiated the first air police in the country, rescue experience spoiled in the sea. DeLay also performed in Venice, the world's first airline tricks. politics

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