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Firm Mattress in Universal City

In 1913, Laml co-founded the property of Nestor Studios (Hollywood) and Oak Crest Ranch (Providencia). His first universal city was too small, so he ordered to find new and larger property in the valley with a large space. In 1912, Lemm hired Providencia Ranch in the San Fernando Valley. If it were a city, then it was accidental (with the film world), with about 300 filmmakers and actors, Lamll built temples, placed cameras and started hundreds of silent Western samples with one and two blows. Other studio directors called this place "Lemmle Madness", laughing at the fact that the property is far from the city and Lem can shoot landscapes in any place for free. Lemmm was concerned that he had made a big mistake, although Universal was a success because the public could watch the movies.

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