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Firm Mattress in Tujunga

The Grand Tudjung Canyon Road connects Sunland Tudjung with the Angels forest road, while La Tuna Canyon Road provides an alternative route through the Sun Valley through intricate parts of Verdugo Mountains. Climate Sunland-Tujunga has a summer Mediterranean climate (Csa according to the climatic climate classification). The radical years of Sunland and Tudjung originated in the people of Tonga. In 1840, this area was part of Mexican Land Grant Rancho Tjununga, but later the developers mentioned the plot of the Shelby Park or Tuncan Park. The name Tyuung is supposed to mean "the place of an old woman" in the language of a dry tongue, where "tukha" is the oldest "myth" mythology. Sunland in the morning, 1885-1925 Sunland began its life as Monte Vista in 1885 when 2200 acres of Tejunga Park (8.9 km 2) were divided into 5 to 40 acres (160,000 m 2). One of the first applications of the trait was planting olives 40 hectares (160,000 m 2), the largest olive tree in the Los Angeles area. 1887 Monte Vista Hotel has been serving Sunland Post Office. In 1906, Sunland's name was used by Los Angeles Times, not Monte Vista. In 1907, it was noted that Saneland was "the first and best-selling store, about 7 kilometers away from the San Fernando Railway," in the mouth of a small canyon of Teghunga and Greater Teunge (ancient spelling).

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