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Firm Mattress in Temple City

2009 In January, the Los Angeles District Prosecutor has investigated claims that mayor Tatil City Judy Wong has asked for a City Council member, David Capra and former Mayor Keith Wilson, to exchange a bribe worth $ 75 million from the proposed Temple City Piazza shopping center. and women were charged with taking part in the disclosure of information in a fair political practice. Rind Vang, the developer of the Piazza project, said that Wong, Wilson and board member David Kepra demanded and received cash bribes to support development. Vang was charged with his anti-propaganda against the city. In April, he filed a lawsuit claiming that he did not fulfill the construction period in the Piazza square, which was 4 hectares (16,000 m 2). Temple City's claim requires Las Tsunas and Rosmin Beach's property to be returned to the city because of postponements after two late inaugural ceremonies.

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