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Firm Mattress in Sylmar

In 2000, some locals suggested renaming Rancho Cascade to rename the northwestern part of the district. The name change has been confirmed in 2018. Silmer was nicknamed "above the Los Angeles". On the northern slopes of the San Fernando Valley, olive trees at the foot of San Gabriel were considered "indifferent and inexplicable" by the Association of Olive Producers of Los Angeles until 2000 at the end of the 1890s. One observer recalled that the earth was "a mass of olive pheasants and doves" before sowing olives. In 1893, a group of businessmen from Illinois obtained 1000 or 2000 tragedies by Maclay Forest Guardians (sources are different), on the east of the railroads along the San Fernando Road to Roxford Street, and began in 1894 with olive oil planted 1,700 acres. Experts brought from France to watch the work. The Olive Producers Association of Los Angeles (Paul, Millmore, and George L. Arnold Secretary) in 1898, built a packing plant and sold olives under the brand name Tyler Olives, and then went on the label Sylmar Packing. Silum olives are known for their sweetness and purity. The Chinese collectors were hired to harvest up to 800 US gallons (3000 liters) of olive oil daily. The pickling mill was located in the corner of Roxford Street and San Fernando Road. 1898 About 200,000 trees were planted in March, and in 1906, This place has become the world's largest olive grove.

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