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Firm Mattress in Sierra Madre

1908 Wilson Trail Race launches This annual race stopped at World War II and was restored in 1966. Wilson Wilson's first race and the 102nd anniversary of the 44th anniversary of the referee took place in 2010. In May: As a result of rain, landslides, falling trees, soil erosion and landslides, the routine-controlled route changes almost every year and there is no official information available on the journey. It starts and ends at 13.8 km, but most race runs along the width of three meters, as well as on the mountain. Wilson Trail has vertical drops of hundreds of legs. Due to the difficulties and bicycles of the bicycles, the race is limited to 300 men and 300 women. Trail rises to a height of more than 2100 feet (640 m); 6.3 km race start at Orchard Camp, a key point. The dwarf troops are raising the water for two places, 3.7 km away from the Orchard Camp. Sierra Madrid's search and rescue team provides condolences to the race day. Mountain Race Wilson Trail Race has a traditional and historic value for the community.

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