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Firm Mattress in Sherman Oaks

In 2000, the percentage of residents between the 19th and 49th and 65th years was the highest in the region. The percentage of divorced residents and widows was one of the highest in the district. The average household size of the two people was lower than the city and region. The tenants occupy 58.9% of the housing stock, while the owners or owners of apartments are 41.1%. The neighborhood was considered "not so special" ethically in Los Angeles, with a large percentage of white residents. The bulb was white, 73.8%; Latin - 11.8%; Asian - 5.7%; 4.4% black; and others 4.4%. The most common births in Iran (14.1%) and Mexico (8.8%) were 26.2% of the population born abroad, the Los Angeles average. The neighborhood average household income was $ 69,651 in 2008, which was high in the city of Los Angeles, but overall for the entire region. (Family family income is the sum of money earned by the household that falls within the middle of the package). The percentage of households in Los Angeles earning a salary of $ 125,000 or more is high.

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