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Firm Mattress in Sawtelle

In 1896, Pacific Land Company acquired 0.91 square kilometers of 225 hectares of land, south of the veterans and was engaged in building a new town named SH Taft, in honor of the home director Andrew Barrett. When the Pacific Land Company attempted to provide a postal office for a new city, postal facilities were against Barrett's name, as its similarity to the California Bastint. In 1899, the name of the city officially changed to Sawtelle (for Sawtelle, replacing Taft as a Pacific Land Company manager). The Pacific Branch of the National Home of Disabled Soldiers and Volunteers branch attracted tourists and local real estate owners. 1904 The Pacific Branch stopped the Los Angeles Railway "Balloon Route", which was a well-known tourist, driven by tourists rentable lamps, often from Los Angeles and the ocean. 1905 New residential areas and large areas of the Westgate unit were sold, which included a "beautiful home of a soldier" who owned and supported Jones and Baker-Santa Monica and the water company. The New Savel community has developed into the Pacific Ocean branch, where veterans' families and veterans who came to help settled in the area. Thus, the majority of Sawtelle grew after building a veteran's home.

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