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Firm Mattress in Rosemead

The Rosemead airport is one of the disappeared former airports that once dispersed throughout the metropolitan area of Los Angeles. Western Air College was driving the airport. The airport at Rosemead was apparently built between 1940 and 1942, as it was not shown in 1940. Los Angeles Street Map The earliest picture of this airport was the 1942 street map, the field was assigned to the Western Air College. Between 1942-44. The airport was renamed "Rosemid" because it was in 1944. Los Angeles Aviation Map (at John Voss's disposal). He was also a flight school at Rosemid Airport. Fletcher Aviation acquired the airport from the Hizley brothers during the corporation war, and sold the AJ Industries in the 1960s. AJ immediately sold a portion of the land from Rio Hondo Avenue, almost AeroJet's Rosemeed Boulevard, and they built a large facility there. It is called Flair Park, and the I-10 parallel road is called Flair Drive.

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