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Firm Mattress in Reseda

During this time the name of the town of Marian remained. then in 1921, when the fourth class mail was deemed necessary, the city must be changed. According to Zelzah Tribune, Mary's territory has appealed to the post office to serve the area. In order to avoid confusion during the mail delivery, you must change the name of the city and residents of this community have decided to reseda and if the application is satisfied, the only post office in the United States will be that name. It is said that Mrs. Therner, who shows an active interest in the campaign and creating a mood for the postman's benefits, will probably become a postman. Last two dozen residents gathered and agreed to rename the city of Rezideh. The Central Business District began in 1915, in the crossroads of Reseda and Sherman Road, which is located near the construction of a technician shop. Soon the factory was built and the garage was built. Soon they followed a grocery store and a pharmacy. There were no sidewalks and sidewalks, most of which began to be added in the 1918s and early 1920s. In the south-western corner of Sherman Way, in 1922, a volunteer fire service was installed in a wooden building when a real brick building was built like a Resident Bank. The wooden building at Firefighters then moved to the south-east of Sherman Way, where it remained until 1933. 1929 In May, according to the Los Angeles Decree, the street street called the Rosenna Avenue was renamed into Reseda Avenue. Parts of the original homes of the 1920s and 1930s are preserved and are located on the south-west of Sherman Road and on the Resche Beach.

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