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Firm Mattress in Porter Ranch

Limekiln Canyon Limekiln Canyon is a great place to study forest flow. The cycle track is parallel to the road to Tambo, and besides the roads you usually do not see the main roads during the walk. But along this track, be careful, as the shameless rocky beams, as well as the large rattlesnakes, mountainous lions, and sometimes ticks and mosquitoes. Gas Emissions On October 23, 2015, the Southern California Gas Company discovered Alice Chenon's natural gas storage at one of the 110 wells, about three kilometers from the Porter Ranch home. Gas emissions have risen to 110,000 pounds per hour. Emissa included underground gas underground tanks; The stored gas includes mercaptan (t-butylthiol), a perfume that adds a vapor of natural gas to ensure the rotten egg smell. California's Air Resources Management estimates that leakage in California has increased methane and gas emissions by 25%.

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