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Firm Mattress in Playa Vista

At the beginning of the 2000s, the environmental controversy began in Playa Vista. On April 17, 2000, Exploration Technologies (ETI) discovered that methane leakages were much larger than previously reported, about 1,000 meters long and the other slightly less in the Lincoln Boulevard's east South of Jefferson Boulevard. " Then the City Council asked Playa Vista to conduct more research with ETI as a reviewer. This study has shown that the original ETI hypothesis is wrong, and declared that the fault zone does not work under Lincoln's gardens. The survey showed that gas leakage from the Southern California gas storage facility concluded that "the entire site of the Playa Vista development project is not an easy error." 2002 The Los Angeles Construction and Security Department (LADBS) demanded installation of Playa Vista gas mitigation systems consisting of a membrane screen, air conditioner, and a number of alarms.

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