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Firm Mattress in Park La Brea

In the 2000s, Park La Brea became an attractive lease community with its own community center, health club and pool, beauty salon and dry cleaning, besides local museums, the Farmer Market (Los Angeles) and The Grove Complex. Additional improvements have been made in recent years, such as adding new pools. The complex has completed another $ 8 million renovation in 2010. In 2017, the complex lost a $ 3.5 million bribe. Residents are divided into schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Three different primary schools serve parts of the area. All districts are divided into the John Beryl high school and the Fairfax high school. Coordinates: 34 ° 03'57 "N 118 ° 21'15" e / 34.06583 °. 118.35417 DEG / 34.06583; -118, 35417

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