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Firm Mattress in Palms

At the same time, the valley attracted the attention of three speculators: Joseph Curtis, Edward H. Swimsuits and J. Harrison. They paid 40,000 dollars for 500 acres (2.0 km2). They studied their country and cut it, then sold it to the newcomers. They planted 5,000 trees, eight miles (13 km) in the streets. They called it Palms, though they had to bring them to the shore and plant them at the railway station. Their first crèmetomy card was compiled in 1886. December 26, and is now considered Palm's birthday. The site was located between Los Angeles and Santa Monica in Los Angeles and Independence Railways (now the Expo Railway Line). While massive urban growth as a result of the flood in Los Angeles, Palm trees were located in agricultural and livestock industries. Starting in 1886

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