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Firm Mattress in Oak Park

In 1975, the Venture District Supervisory Board affirmed the Community Advisory Council (MAC), a community representation in provincial offices. CAF convinced the Council of Alderman District Council to develop a preliminary development program for the Metropolitan Development Corporation. With a population of 26,000. Today there are about 15,000 residents. All land in Oak Park has already been developed and the remaining free area is owned by Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District. The community originally served by the Smithy Williams Unified School District, and the nearby schoolchildren are Sinaloa Junior Intermediate (about 32 km) and Royal Heights (about 22 miles (35 km)). Since it was not foreseen to build elementary schools in Oakley, Oakley Park, in the Brooklyn Streets in 1977, In June, the residents were divided into Oak Park Unified School District. Medea Creek High School started its activities in 1980. Current school location, mobile classrooms. The students were called the "Hill Bungalow". The high school was in the 6-8th grades, and sixth graders went to Brooklyn Elementary School in the morning and in the afternoon at high school. Next year, when Oak Park High School opened classes, Medeae Crick's high school shared the college. In 1983 Ok-Park High School Class was first graduating class. They were first class. They were high school students each year from the ninth to the 12th grades.

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