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In the late 1840's, Mexico's governor Pio Pico violated the traditional "land plot" tradition and sold it instead of the usual restrictions on the territory of the original Eulogia de Selise in Spain. In 1850, De Salsis was registered as Los Angeles Census as an agronomist, 42 years old, and the owner of the property - $ 20,000. Land Splitting A few years later, the land was divided. Eulogio de Celis's heirs sold the northern half of the 56,000 acres (230km2) of Senator George P. Porter, called the "Cumberland Valley" and Senator Charles McLeire, exclaimed: "This is the Garden of Eden." Ports were interested in cattle breeding, Maclay Frances Meiion ("Poor") Wright, who moved from California to Aivazyan from California to California, turned into a Senator Porter, and then became one of the 1100 acres (4.5km2) landowners, bridge, growth and metamorphosis

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