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Firm Mattress in North Hollywood

1887 In October, JB Lankershim and eight other developers organized Lankershim Ranch Land and Water from Lankershim Agricultural and Milling Company to 12,000 hectares (49 km2) north of Kauenga Pass. Lenierschim founded the city, the inhabitants of which called on the Kauenga of Tolyayin on the old road to San Fernando. 1888 On April 1, they offered small farmers for sale, which were planted with deep leafy fruits and walnuts, mostly peaches, pears, apricots and walnuts that could survive in winter snowfall in incredible summer, Tudjung washing, and not superficial irrigation. The soil boom of the 1880s was bankrupt in the 1890s, but despite the heavy drought cycle in the late 1890's, the fruits and walnut farmers remained. The Toluca Fruit Association was founded in 1894. The following year, the South Pacific region opened a north-west coast that crossed southwest to Chatsworth. Chatsworth Limited has left one stop in Tokyo, though the new Lanckhish name has been installed at home. On Post Street, called Toly, the city continues the argument, and the locals read: "Send lymph products, but the Toluka bill. 1896 Under the pressure of Lisbonshim, the Toluka post office was renamed in the name of "Lanzarshim", although the new name of the city would not be officially recognized until 1905.

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