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Firm Mattress in Monrovia

The completion of the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley Railways in 1887, which was later sold to Santa Fe (which goes to Monrovia), and South-Pacific railways in South California will open new people looking for homes and investment opportunities. Monroe, Spenc, Biknol, Chron, and Fallwood associate their lands in 1886 by the commercial name of Monrovia Land and Water, focusing on Orange (now Colorado Boulevard) and Myrtle Avenue; The first tractor stretched from east to west to Magnolia Avenue eastward to Charlotte Avenue (Cologne Bulgaria), south of half a block south, and north of Lim to the north. The division was divided into 600,500 feet (150m), sold at 160 feet (49m) and sold. The city was founded in 1887 under the banner of those who wanted to control the arrival of the unwanted hall. First of all, it was the adoption of a law prohibiting alcohol sales for the newly formed government.

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