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Firm Mattress in Malibu

Scientist Juan Rodriguez Cabralo, who believes in the mouth of the Malibu stream in Malibu Lake, Spain's presence returned to California's missionary system, and 1802 was part of the Topango Malibu Sekit Ranch, 53km (13km) square. This farm was adopted in 1891. Frederick Holdings by Range. She and her widow, Mr. Range was enthusiastic about keeping her personal life, the guards demanded theft, deporting all the violent men and fighting for a long time. a fight that does not prevent the construction of the South Pacific railway line. Rules of the Interstate Commerce Commission will not support property condemning the railroad to construct parallel roads to the existing line, so Frederick H. Rang decided to build his own railroad through his own property. He died, and Mr. Rang has implemented projects for Hueneme, Malibu and Port Los Angeles Railways. The line began from the hydrocarbon, just east of the farm, 15 km west of Fri. Dume.

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