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Firm Mattress in Lakeview Terrace

Alison Pitar of the Los Angeles Times reported that Lake View Terrace supports a quiet, rural image. Carroll Ford, who was president of the Equestrian Association in 2005, said: "If you do not like cattle, you should not move here." Los Angeles Fire Station 24 Sunland / Shadow Hills, located in Sunland, serves a lake view. Los Angeles City Police Department Pacoima serves a lake view. Primary and Secondary Schools Public Schools The Los Angeles Unified School Community serves the community. There are two elementary schools in the community: Brainard Avenue Elementary School and Fenton Elementary School. In 2005, the residents were divided into the Olive West High School and Silmar High School. PUC Schools, Chartered School Operator, operates under the PUC Community Charter, PUC Lakeview Charter Academy and PUC Community Early High School. Private schools

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