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Firm Mattress in La Tuna Canyon

The Consulate General of the Dominican Republic of Los Angeles is located at Laurel Canyon 9001, in 204 rooms. The 77th Avenue of Los Angeles Fire Department is located in the Sun Valley. The closure is at 12 battalion. United States Postal Service. The Sun Valley Post Office is located at 10946 Ratner Street. Sun Valley is part of the city of Los Angeles. In 2000, every tenth resident of the 25-year-old Solar Valley received four-year education, which is a low indicator for both the city and the region. The percentage of residents of the same age school was high for the region with a high school diploma. Schools Sun Valley Public Public Libraries The Los Angeles Public Library operates in the Sun Valley. Coordinates: 34 ° 13'03 "with 118 ° 22'10" e / 34.2175 °. 118.36944 DEG / 34.2175; -118,36944

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