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Firm Mattress in Highland Park

After the Arroyo Seco Parkway in 1940, Highland Park began to change. In the 1950s, a white jump took place in a corner of a scientist where the residents settled in Middle Wilsley, in the Tapil City and in the San Fernando Valley. In the mid-1960s it became a Latin American enclave. Mexican immigrants and their American children began to own and lease in the Dutch park, where schools and gardens become places where residents claim to be treated with discrimination and promote civil rights. In the last decades of the 20th century, the Highland Park violent uprising began, and Avenue Avenue Street group announced a part of Glasssell Park and Highland Park in the near future. During the 21st century coverage, the City Attorney had made efforts to upgrade Highland Park and Glassell Park from the Avenue. 2006 Members of the four groups were convicted of violating federal hatred laws. 2009 In June, the police launched a large-scale campaign against the group, which deviated from the leaders of many gangs on charges of federal racketeering. In 2009, the city destroyed the castle Glassell Glass. Law enforcement agencies have combined public awareness efforts, such as the annual Peace of the Northeast Headquarters, A drastic reduction in violent crime.

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