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Firm Mattress in Hancock Park

In 2008, the average annual income in dollars amounted to $ 85,277, which is relatively high in Los Angeles, and a large percentage of households at $ 125,000 or more. For the city of Los Angeles, the average population of 2.1 was low. The tenants occupy 52.7% of the housing conditions, while the owners of apartments or apartments - 47.3%. The percentage of men and women was 41.3% and 34.4%, respectively. 2000 The census has found 203 families headed by single parents, which is lower in the city and in the region. The percentage of military veterans serving during World War II or Korea was the highest in the country. Orthodox Jews Hancock Park has an Orthodox Jewry population. According to the Los Angeles Times, Tereza Watanabe, there are no clear figures, however, according to the Jewish magazine, the assessment is 20%. "Hankok Park is located in almost all departments of Orthodox Judaism. Particularly, the great number of Heidel Jews is mentioned. The Jewish population of the Hittite population is growing at the average level due to high birth rates in society.

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