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Firm Mattress in Encino

The local economy provides for the creation of jobs in the health sector (including one of the two endocrinological hospitals, one of the regional medical centers), social services and professional services (accounting and financial services, real estate and legal services). There are about 3,800 businesses that employ about 27,000 people, with an annual salary of $ 1.4 billion. Encino is located in the Los Angeles City Council and the 5th District Oversight Council of the Los Angeles City Council. It is also presented in Los Angeles, the advisory body of the Encino Neighborhood Council under the auspices of the City Neighborhood Development Department (MADE). The United States postal service operates at Encino post office, 5805 White Oak Avenue and Balboa Van Nuys post office, in 4930 Balboa, Bulgaria. 40% of the people aged 25 and over have received four-year education in 2000, which is a high indicator for both the city and the region. The percentage of residents was higher or higher for the region as well.

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