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Firm Mattress in Eagle Rock

1985 On the night of March 20, an 8-year-old girl was kidnapped from her home at Eagle Rock and committed sexual assault with a man called "Paradise Capture", "Killer of Impunity" and "Night Traitor" with Richard Ramirez. This is the seventh one in Ramirez in Los Angeles and San Francisco before the arrest, in the long series of murders and sexual assaults. 2002 It has been stopped to appoint a community as a "typical village" for a large number of Filipinos Americans. A number of ethnic and socio-economic groups and creativity live in the neighborhood. Over the last decade, Eagle Rock and its surrounding Highland Park were well-groomed as young city professionals moved from nearby areas, such as Los Feliz and Silver Lake. Anti-Armenian culture writers, artists and directors are based in Eagle Rock since the 1920s.

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