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Firm Mattress in Downtown LA

Commercial growth has led to the construction of hotels, while several major hotels have been built such as Alexandria (1906), Rossi (1911), and Biltmore (1923), as well as entertainment places for the growing population. Los Angeles Broadway has become the city's nightlife, shopping and entertainment, over a dozen theaters and cinemas that have been built until 1932. Shops have also been opened in the city center, including brand shops, including Brady, Hamburgers and Sons, the company May, JW Robinson and Bullock, serving the wealthiest population in the Bungery Valley. Many specialized stores also flourished, including jewelry business, which led to the creation of a jewelry district in the center of the city. Among those early jewelers were Laykin Diamond (later Laykin and Ki) and Harry Winston & Co., who both founded their hotel at the Alexandria Hotel on Fifth and Spring Streets.

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