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Firm Mattress in Chinatown

"The only remaining building in Shinatown is a two-storey Garnier building that once had a residence and meeting place for Chinese immigrants," says Angel Walk Guide Union Station / El Pueblo / Little Tokyo / Civic Center. The Synagogue Museum is now in Garnier's building. Seven years later, the acceptable resettlement proposal was passed, resulting in the new China being in its current location. By the end of the 1950s, agreements on property and property rights were lifted, allowing Chinese Americans to live in other areas and acquire new jobs. Chinese city Christine Sterling, who worked diligently to apply for Olvera Lane on Mexico, has developed such a program for the displaced Syriac population. In 1938, he opened the city of China, built in Chinese architecture, restaurants, shops, ropeway, Lotus pond and temple. Employees welcomed tourists, and the Chinese Opera Theater immediately presented them to the shops. Some of the buildings in China City were made in 1937 in Hollywood's "Good Country" banquet. The city of China has received mixed support from Chinese Americans and businessmen. Many welcomed the economic opportunity provided by the project. Others preferred the New Chiataway project, which was less distorted by Hollywood stereotype lens. In its eleventh year, the city of China was destroyed by fire and has been rebuilt for many times. In 1949, the fire was destroyed by the city of China.

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