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Firm Mattress in Canoga Park

The neighborhood originally called Los Angeles's Suburban Home, Owensmouth, as Chief Executive of Hobart Johnston Wheatley, as the tactic of sales was that the city would be the new mouth of the Owens River next year after the water pipe in Los Angeles. The city was founded in 1912. On March 30, St. Petersburg signed a contract with the Janss Investment Company for the sale of real estate. The initial development program led to the fact that the "Pacific Electric" tickets and the Sherman Way pass from Hollywood to Cowang Pass, formerly divided through Van Nyus (1911). A special attention was paid to the "barbecue on the opening day", which featured the Owensmouth Baby race, which can lift and fall on the asphalt road of Sherman at an incredible speed of 35 miles per hour. Owensmut as the smallest town in San Fernando Valley, Van Nice, pushed her into a "childish" fairy tale by using heroes. The "Children's Town" of the Valley remained very small community.

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