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Firm Mattress in Burbank

Burbank also owned the Burbank Theater, which opened in 1893. November 27 and costs $ 150,000. Though theater should be opera theater, he presented performances and became known at the national level. The theater was attended by well-known actors, including Faye Baiter and Margori Rimon, until it turned into a hilltop house. When Burbank's territory was settled in the 1870s and 1880s, the streets were divided into three parts: today's Viteinazh Avenue, the Kaunga highway and the center of Los Angeles. These were mainly roads that the Native Americans were walking around and the first residents handed their goods to Los Angeles to sell and buy products on these routes. At that time, the main modes of transport, which are accessible to the residents of San Fernando Valley, were long stagecoach and train. The training in Los Angeles and San Francisco began in 1858. South-Pacific Railway reached the gorge in 1876, completing the connecting route between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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