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Firm Mattress in Beverlywood

In 2008, the average US dollar earnings amounted to $ 105,253, which is high in Los Angeles, and the percentage of households over $ 125,000 is also considered high. Average Los Angeles average is 2.5 people. The tenants occupied 29.7% of the housing stock, and the owners of houses or apartments - 70.3%. In 2000, there were 113 families left alone by parents, which is a low indicator for the city and region. The percentage of veterans who served in World War II or in the Korean War was one of the highest in the region. About 50% of Bekirelwood's 25-year-olds have received a four-year education in 2000, which is a high indicator for both the city and the region. Percentage of the population of this age is also considered as a bachelor's or master's degree.

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