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Firm Mattress in Beverly Hills

In the early 1920's, Beverly Hills's population grew dramatically so water could become a political issue. 1923 An ordinary decision has been taken by the city of Los Angeles. 65 Famous residents such as Picfords, Ferrebains, Vol. Rogers and Rudolf Valentino have become known. The Beverly Hills communal services, unlike annexes, also managed to hold elections in the city and the program lost 337 to 507. 65 for the new building of the University of California. Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Venice also issued bonds for paying a new camp. In 1928 Beverly Wilshire Aparthotel (now Beverly Wilshire Hotel) opened at Wilshire Boulevard, between El Camino and Rodeo, part of the old Beverly Hills highway. In the same year, Edward D. Dwight completed the construction of the Grigor Lighting House, a 55-roomroom designed for her son, Edward L.. For Dawny. The house is now owned by Beverly Hills.

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