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Firm Mattress in Bell Canyon

There are many tourists and bicycle routes around the community, some of which are the Upper Las Vegge Gorge, which connects the south and the west. Bell Canyon Trail extends 7.2 km from Bell Canyon Park. According to the 2010 census, the population of the White Gorge was 2,049. The density of the population per square mile (218.5 / km²) was 565.8 people. Bell Canyon's racial makeup comprises 1,724 (84.1%) white, 58 (2.8%) African Americans, 4 (0.2%) Native Americans, 179 (8.7%) Asian, 0 (0.0%) Pacific Islands, 10 0.5%) and 74 (3.6%) of two or more races. 103 or 5.0% of all racers were Spanish or Latino. According to the Population Census, 2.049 people (100% of the population) live in households, 0 (0%), non-residential institutions, and 0 (0%) are institutionalized.

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