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Firm Mattress in Bel Air

In this period, summer is dry and dry and the average monthly temperature does not exceed 71.6 ° F (22.0 ° C). According to the Köppen climate classification system, Bel Air has a summer Mediterranean climate that is short on Csb's climate maps. There are two main entrances in the neighborhood: 1) East Gate on Beverly Glen and Suns Beach; and (2) The West Gate on the Bellagio Road and at the University of California at the entrance to the University of California. Bel Air is usually divided into three separate areas: Old Bel Air East Gate, Bel Air West Gate, and Upper Bel Air. Bel Air-Estis is a pre-set point of the Bel Air neighborhood, usually bordered on the Nem road, in the south, in the sunny mountainous area, in the east of the Beverly Hall, and on the western side of Bel Air Road.

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