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Firm Mattress in Arleta

The United States Postal Service Arleta Post Office is located at 9454 Arleta Avenue. This post office was opened in 1954 before New Year's Eve. The preliminary building was carried out by Van Nes Ralph Benton, totaling $ 21,500. Arlet is in the school district of Los Angeles. Arlet schools are as follows: Transportation You can reach Arlet from the Golden State (I-5) and Hollywood (SR 170). The main highways include Van Nouve Boulevard, Woodman Avenue, Arleta Avenue, and Sheldon, Branford, Osborne and Terra Bella streets. The Metro Rapid 761 provides a quick shift to Van Nus Beach, and Metro 158 goes to the Woods Avenue, but goes through Brandlet Street on Arlet Avenue and continues on the Devonsher Street to Granada Hills, Northridge and Chatsworth.

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