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Diamond in Venice

Los Angeles rescuers keep 50 kilometers off the beach and 70 miles off the coast (110 km) south of San Pedro in the north of Malibu. Rescue teams also provide airtickets and rescue boats, Catalina Island, Avalon and Osmus operations. The rescue unit has 120 additional and 600 seasonal rescue workers working at three headquarters - Hermos, Santa Monica and the beach in Zuma. Each of these headquarters has a 24-hour EMT-D unit and is part of the 911 system. Apart from beach safety, Los Angeles Rescuers are trained in Baywatch's rescue operations, underwater rescue and recovery, rescue rocks, rescue marine mammals, and fires. Venice has been filming a number of movies, television shows and video games, as well as a music video for billionaire Thi McCoy. General shooting sites include pinches, skate rinks, restaurants, canals, boards, schools.

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