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Diamond in Santa Monica

Universities and colleges, 22 miles from Santa Monica, include Santa Monica College, University of Los Angeles, Loyola University of Maritim, University of St. University of California, Pepperdi University, California State University, North, State University of Los Angeles, UCLA, USC, West College of Los Angeles, California Caltech, Western College (Oxy), Los Angeles Municipal College, Southwest Los Angeles College, Los The Valley of Valley Valley and Imperial College's Traditional Oriental Medicine. The Public Library Library of the Santa Monica Public Library is composed of the main library in the central part of the city, as well as four neighborhood offices - Fairview, Montana, Ocean Plexus and Pico Boulevard. Cycling Santa Monica has developed a bicycle action plan, and by 2015, The bicycle exchange system has been launched in November. Cycling through the city is going through Marvin Brouwer. Santa Monica won the Bicyclist Community Prize (Bronze, 2009, Silver, 2013), the American Cyclist League Award winner. Local cyclists include Santa Monica Spok, a Los Angeles County Cycling Squad local office. Santa Monica is one of the leaders in bicycle infrastructure and programming in Los Angeles.

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