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Diamond in Pasadena

In 2002, David Eberhoff published the novel of Pasadena. The novel was praised for the precise re-creation of Pasadena before the Second World War. Heavenly Bungalow Heavenly Bungalow in 1900-1930 Built in 800 smaller houses of art. Many of these homes are still busy. Most of this area has been in 1989, and since then has been home to annual historical tours. Bungalow Heaven, Washington Boulevard, south-east Orange Grove Boulevard, West Mentor Avenue and East Chester Avenue. Neighborhood usually extends to the west of Lasse Avenue and east of Hille Avenue. The renowned architects Green and Green built a style of style filled with a few Japanese-style style in Pasadena, including the Gamble House; The style of Heavenly Bungalows houses shows their success.

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