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Mattress and pillow for senior

The mattress has a very big impact on the quality of sleep. It must be soft enough, because the thinner skin, and even the thinner layer of fatty tissue, makes the older person feel much more pressure on the body. In addition, seniors have problems with thermoregulation, so they feel cold while sleeping, while at night they overheat. Therefore, suitable solutions are mattresses supporting thermoregulation - eg. Thermo Silver.

In addition, the skin is softer and more irritable in old age, so allergies can arise during this period of life. An antiallergic mattress with natural components is therefore very suitable (e.g. Natur Biogreen or Lavender).

Good - rehabilitation and orthopedic - pillows are also important. By keeping the head in the correct position, it contributes to the relaxation of muscle tension and good blood flow. In the case of cramps in the calves, a cushion under the feet or a mattress with a grate with moving parts can be used to allow the legs to be lifted slightly.

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