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Kyphosis is an increasingly common disease that is the result of long hours at the computer and the constant bending of the head to the mobile. For both of these activities, we often take the wrong body posture - we tilt our head forward to deepen the kyphosis.

Mattresses for people with deep kyphosis

People with deep kyphosis should be provided with appropriate support under the cervical and thoracic spine to help maintain their natural, and not excessive, backbone. The mattress cannot be too soft to fit the shoulders. Most suitable are hard or medium hard models - reinforced with coconut boards, thermo-foam, or even latex mattresses.

Mattresses Premier Biospring, Matrac Lavender Duo, Matrix Viscogreen Lux, Mattress Swiss Lavender, Matrac Spinalis Ortopedic, Matrac Sultan Latex Extra T3 or T4.In Materasso's offer you will find several models designed for people with excessively arched thoracic spine. These are:

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