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Diamond in Malibu

The Malibu Bluffs Recreation Area is surrounded by 6 min. Area (24,000 m 2) is a public park in Malbui Bluff, with 10 hectares (40,000 sq. M) of land located in Santa Monica, a city sold out. It is composed of Michael Landon Community Center, baseball diamonds and soccer fields. Malbó's Small League House (MLL), the largest sports organization in Malbou's youth teams. (This honor wins in the 90s by AYSO of Malibu, a youth football team that shares the area of the park (training fields) for more than 20 years, state parks work to bring baseball gems and high Malibu mini-leagues baseball fences and return land to their loved ones wetlands and greenery.In the 1950s, a special document was written about the California law, which allowed him to continue playing baseball with his gown in the state park.The several generations of Milibu have worked on M lbu Blyufsi Park for baseball and football.

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