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diamond in highland park

Who at the show besides Materasso?

Furniture and Housing will be the premier of new products, limited edition products, and the launch of new models on the market. A new corner three-sided wood fireplace with bent glass will be presented to the public, which is also unique in its unique tensile storage system.

Visitors will also see a new range of fireplace inserts, a special limited edition of the most powerful central vacuum cleaner, a new luxury high bed model, as well as design products for clean and healthy air. The Slovak premiere will have an exclusive model of robotic vacuum cleaner, which will bring the user a new level of intelligence and automation.

2019 Trends

The current trend is to combine technology and electronics with furniture into a single unit that will not only work purposefully but also aesthetically. Emphasis is placed on new applications for lighting, individual ergonomic furniture solutions, home furnishings and rational storage solutions. We have also recently written an article about this: 3 quick tips on how to have enough storage space in your bedroom.

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