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Diamond in Burbank

2010 Burbank's Bob Hope Airport has served 4.5 million passengers annually. The airport was the main car of FedEx and UPS, which this year was worth 96.2 million pounds. 2012 year. At the beginning, American Airlines announced that it would stop flights to Berbanks. This decision followed how the American American company applied for bankruptcy in 2011. In November. The American company leaves Southwest Airlines at the port of Bob Hope airport. 2011 year In October, Southwest transported about 233,000 passengers and 30,000 passengers in America this month. 2012 year. The study has shown that Boatent occupies one of the lowest tax-paying places for tourists, according to the Tour Operators Trade Group. The GBTA Foundation has found out that, on average, Berberian pays $ 22.74 for passengers, $ 40.31 in Chicago, and $ 37.98 in New York.

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