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Diamond in Arcadia

Hippodrome Santa Anita is another place for filming. The film's screenplay, Seabiscuit (2003), was shot and played in the Santa Anita race. It was used as an allergy ad place, claritin, Lexus advertising, and the three episodes of Gray's anatomy (Walk on the Water, Drowning on the Ground, and some miracles). This city was one of Columbia Pictures's "North" (1994) comedy clips. Fantastic comedy film "Matilda" was shot here in 1996. The Step Brothers scene (2008) was shot in a nearby Derby restaurant. Mission Scenes: Impossible III (2000) was filmed at the Methodist Hospital. The film, Cloverfield, where the survivors were infiltrated by Bloomingdale, was actually shot in Arcadia's rebuilt Robinson Miami store at Westfield Santa Anita. Eagle Eye (2008) also featured on this site.

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