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Chattam amp Mattress in Sunland

In 2009, Los Angeles Times provided the "Mapping LA" Based on the population census, these district statistics show that Sanleland, including the Charles Hills, had a population of 28,414 in 2000. , And in Sandland and Toujjum, the percentage of the province was high for the region. The percentage of divorced men, married women and divorced women was the highest in the region. Sun population (without shadow hills): 15 316 people. Average Revenues - $ 68,720, higher than the Los Angeles City, but the average for the region. The percentage of population over 25 years old was higher for the community, with a high school diploma and higher education. Shadow Hills Population: 13,098. It was a moderately different area. The area had a large family. The average age of 39 was old for both the district and the city. The percentage of veterans serving during World War II or in Korea and Vietnam was one of the highest in the region.

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