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Chattam amp Mattress in Sierra Madre

1991 year The Sierra Madre earthquake shocks with a magnitude 5.8, which took place at 07: local time. On June 28, at 43.55. This has caused regional losses, such as chimney stretching and destruction of dense blocks along the main roads of the area. Sierra Madr is located between Santa Anita and Bulgaria. to the east and so on. Mihilinda west. In the South, it is bordered by Orange Grove Boulevard. Its main route is Sierra Negra Beach. The city of Sierra Madre offers transportation through the bus gateway. The city serves 268 and 487 on the local subway. Passadena 60 routes are connected with the Sierra Madre-Villa Avenue and the Foothill Boulevard gold line subway station. According to the 2010 United States Census, Sierra Madre's population was 10,917. The density of the population per square mile (1425.5 / km²) was 3 692.0 people. Sierra Madre's racist make-up is 8,967 (82.1%) white (72.3% non-white), 201 (1.8%) African, 44 (0.4%) native Americans, 835 (7.6% Asian population: 9 (0.1%) Pacific island, 390 (3.6%), other tribes and 471 (4.3%) two or more races: 1628 (14.9%) of any racers were Spanish or Latino.

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