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Chattam amp Mattress in San Marino

There are four general education schools in San Marino's general school. Two preschools offer K-5 grades, high school grades of 6-8 grades and high school for 9-12 grades. The high school was named Henry E. Huntington School, in honor of the "First Citizen of San Marino". In 1953, at the location at San Gabriel Boulevard, a 19-year-old school council member, the construction of a new CL Carver elementary school named after CL Carver came to an end. Stoneman Elementary School named after George Stronman, the governor of San Marino, is no longer used to study in the school district of San Marino. The former school is currently rented by the San Marino Leisure Department and has special education staff from the schools in San Marino. 2007 In November, the San Marino Secondary School was ranked 82nd in the list of the country's top secondary schools according to the US News and World Report. Private Schools Newspapers

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