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Chattam amp Mattress in Rosemead

While civil war, many southern families settled in El Monte, and then called Lexington. The Rosemead community, called Savannah, is located near El Monte and is at the top of the water table. A slightly raised soil is a logical alternative to the burial site. The first funeral was in 1846, five years before the majority of the displaced. Today, the 41/2 acres cemetery located on the original 3000 to 200 parts, specifically belongs to the El Monte Public Cemetery. When the city of Rosemand began to expand Paradise in the 1920s, construction teams uncovered dozens of corpses outside the cemetery. The sculptures were largely re-opened at the mass grave in their cemetery, but some were so absurd that the workers left alone and corrected them so that more graves were scattered under the Paradise Blvd and surrounding areas. The area was also a burial place for indigenous Americans before the graveyard filled the cemetery.

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