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Chattam amp Mattress in Pacoima

In 1955, Los Angeles Times Ed Megner says low-income "hard-working" Pacoima families are not "outrageous or transitory" but "belong to the community and are interested in it." In 1955, Gosses, owner of Pacoima's grocery store, wrote in Los Angeles Times that many homeowners in Pacoima did not care about the San Fernando's gardens complex, which was then built as most residents wanted to stay homeowners. 1966 In the Urban Development Report, Pacoima has been criticized for lack of civic pride and the fact that the community does not have "a community life picture without a visible or pivotal point". In 1994, Timothy Williams, of the Los Angeles Times, stated that Pacoima was "free to use because of the detection in other low-income areas." Sakila Kostas, who was Maclay's high school principal in the same year, said that Pacoima was "a very poor community, but here's a lot of pride. You can be poor, but that does not mean you have to be humiliated or as poor as you are. Williams said that American Americans and Latin Americans do not always have a warm relationship with Pacoima. He also added that in 1994, "The mood has gone from conflict to reconciliation, as the city has become more and more Latin American."

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