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Chattam amp Mattress in Monterey Park

Monterey Park's state legislature is in the 22nd district of the Senate, represented by Democrat Susan Rouboyo and the 49th Congress of the Assembly, represented by Democrat Ed Chaw. In the US House of Representatives, Monterey Park is in California's 27th Congress, represented by Democrat Judy Chu. Chu had previously served as mayor and member of the City Council of Monterey Park. The city of Monterey Park has its own police and fire service serving the city. The local elections held in Monterey Park City were two years' strange years - from March 1 through 2017. Elections: 2020 From California's initial election, city council elections will take place even on Monday, the first Monday of March. Five members of the Council are elected for a four-year term, two-year elections, three seats selected in one election, and two places for the next election, where the city and city treasurer are also elected.

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